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Commercial Water Damage At Apartment Complex In Tracy

We received a call regarding water damage in a clubhouse of a luxury apartment complex in Tracy. They were having an open house that day and needed it back to new before 5 pm. The damage was on the ground floor of the building. The walls and furniture sustained minor damage. The cause of the leak was a broken water supply pipe. Our technicians used the rover (a deep extraction tool for removing the maximum amount of water from wet carpet and padding), dehumidifiers, and air movers. We restored the property to pre-damage condition just in time for the open house. “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage in an Office Building

SERVPRO of Tracy responded to a water damage in the middle of the night at a professional office in Modesto. Bathroom supply line on the third floor was broken.

Randy and his team of technicians extracted water quickly to avoid going to second floor and then first floor. They finished drying and was done in few days. Manager and staff were relieved and business as usual began.

SERVPRO of Tracy Saves the Day!

SERVPRO of Tracy was called in to resolve an emergency water damage situation at a new luxury apartment complex in Tracy.  The clubhouse room at the suffered a broken water supply pipe on the same day they had planned an open house for the residents and their guests.  SERVPRO of Tracy began the restoration at 9 am the day of the event, and had it ready for their guests by 4:45 pm that same day!

Water Pooling on Office Floor in Tracy

The broken water line led to a mirror-like look to this commercial carpet in a Tracy office suite. SERVPRO techs used Rovers and portable extractors to remove the standing water and dehumidifiers to dry out the remaining moisture. "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Damage

SERVPRO of Tracy responded to this local, emergency commercial business after the upper cabinets in their work area fell down. Our team of technicians did all the appropriate cleanup and fix the problem.

Commercial Loss

After local business finding mold at back of the top cabinets and surrounding areas. It affected the ceilings also. SERVPRO of Tracy was able to fix the problem back to normal "Like it Never Even Happened."

Job well done SERVPRO Tracy warehouse !

Enjoying with employees for job well done at SERVPRO of Tracy. Treating them at lunchtime for finishing a commercial fire job locally ahead of schedule.

Good team work and thanks for communicating with each other. Everybody put lots of efforts to finish this job.

Customer was very happy and gave us 10 out of 10 and said "Thank you SERVPRO of Tracy!! Best team in town of Tracy, California!"