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Did you know there are Different Types of Mold ?

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Tracy were recently called to advice on mold.

From the Ordinary 

Fungi and mold naturally occur in our environment. In fact, over 100,000 kinds of fungi have been identified. Fungi produce some very useful results. Yeast is a type of fungi used in preparing breads, baked goods, and other food products, including some alcoholic beverages.

The unique flavor of blue cheese is a result of mold. An edible mushroom is simply a type of fungi, and lifesaving penicillin is a product of mold (Penicillium chrysogenum).

Even though some forms of mold can pass value to our lives, other forms of mold can be potentially harmful.  Excessive amounts of mold, different types of mold, and/or exposure to molds may present health effects for some people. 

To the Unhealthy 

Intrusion of water into your home or place of business can result in mold growth. Water intrusion can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long-standing leaks and poor humidity control.

When water intrusions are not addressed right away, the resulting damage can present increased risk of potentially harmful mold growth. Some amount of mold spores are normally present in most environments.

If the humidity and moisture levels in a water-damaged environment are not promptly returned to normal, mold spores may grow and multiply. Organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper, drywall, and insulation, provide a food source for mold to flourish.

Excessive mold growth can lead to indoor environmental conditions that pose potential health effects for your family and pets. 

If you see or suspect mold in your home or business,  call the Mold Professionals at SERVPRO of Tracy on 209-834-0200.

What YOU Should Know About Drain Cleaners..

4/3/2021 (Permalink)

A clogged drain is a common problem in many homes

SERVPRO of Tracy has tips for you. A clogged drain is a common problem in homes here and throughout the world.

It is usually the result of an accumulation of materials such as hair and oils. When this clump of stuff settles into an elbow of the pipe or gets thick enough to cause an obstruction, the drain either stops working or moves much more slowly.

In many cases, the problem can be fixed easily enough, often without the need to call in a plumber. Simple mechanical options such as using a plunger or a drain snake should probably be the first attempt to clear the drain. In some cases, the drain can be disassembled and cleaned out in less than an hour.

The Use of a Chemical Drain Cleaner

This option can work well on a clogged drain but should be considered a last resort. A chemical method for clearing a drain comes with the following cautions:

  • The chemicals are often harsh and could be harmful to skin
  • The chemicals can be harmful to the pipes
  • They pose a threat to pets
  • The chemicals can drain into lakes, rivers, and landfills

In some cases, the chemical cleaner only moves the problem further down the pipe. This method should not be used on completely blocked pipes as the chemicals will often just sit in one area and cause damage to soft or plastic piping.

The Services of SERVPRO of Tracy Professionals

The Services of Professionals

A clogged drain isn't always a serious problem, but there are times when it demands the attention of a quality water remediation franchise. If water backs up into the home causing water damage, highly-trained technicians like SERVPRO of Tracy may be needed to take care of the problem. If the spilled water contains contaminated water a professional sewage cleaning process is essential. This will remove the dirty water from the home, dry out the affected areas and clean, sanitize, and disinfect all impacted surfaces.

It is the sure way to make certain your family and your home is protected.

Any questions please call SERVPRO of Tracy @ 209-834-0200

Explaining Mold's Definition

9/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Tracy has some fun facts about mold before calling the professionals in.

Outdoor mold exists nearly everywhere. Most likely, every home has mold somewhere. Not all mold is harmful toxic but it can certainly cause health effects.

Mold helps break down, or decompose, organic material. Mold growth in a home is not limited to flooding & water damage – any exposure to moisture such as a lawn sprinkler, condensation, steam (as from an unvented shower in the bathroom) or periodic leaking that is not attended to will foster the growth of mold.

And your homeowner insurance may specifically exclude coverage for damage directly related to mold.

Mold in general is not the most exciting thing on the planet. At least I would rather watch mold grow than watch paint dry. 

When it comes to mold, don’t try to be a self-proclaimed expert, just call in the professionals. Once the right professional is called and verifies that is in fact mold, then you call in the mold mitigation and remediation team of SERVPRO of Tracy at 209-834-0200.

COVID-19 we can help

4/3/2020 (Permalink)

locations with confirmed COVID-19 cases

SERVPRO of Tracy is here to help stop the spread, Call us for hospital grade cleaning services.


What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus. Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people such as with MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and now with this new virus (named SARS-CoV-2).

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is a betacoronavirus, like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. All three of these viruses have their origins in bats. The sequences from U.S. patients are similar to the one that China initially posted, suggesting a likely single, recent emergence of this virus from an animal reservoir.

Early on, many of the patients at the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China had some link to a large seafood and live animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread. Later, a growing number of patients reportedly did not have exposure to animal markets, indicating person-to-person spread. Person-to-person spread was subsequently reported outside Hubei and in countries outside China, including in the United States. Some international destinations now have ongoing community spread with the virus that causes COVID-19, as do some parts of the United States. Community spread means some people have been infected and it is not known how or where they became exposed. Learn more about the spread of this newly emerged coronavirus.

Biohazards Cleanup

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Car seats heavily soiled with human waste

SERVPRO of Tracy received an emergency call to do a Biohazardnad cleanup, remove needles and deodorize  for this particular car. Cleaning up after needles and human waste is removed isn't something that anybody wants to deal with. Because bloodborne pathogens could be harmful to humans.

Calling a professional cleanup company such as SERVPRO of Tracy is recommended, because we know how to clean, disinfect and restore the affected area. We have highly trained and certified technicians to do these kinds of biohazard jobs.

We cleaned, disinfect and deodorized this car to our customer satisfaction. All the biohazard materials collected and disposed off in a regulated facility.

SERVPRO of Tracy's trained technicians can also clean trauma, crime scene cleanup and any kinds of biohazards sites wherever is needed.

Any questions please call SERVPRO of Tracy @ 209-834-0200

What is an Ozone Generator?

10/3/2018 (Permalink)

This Ozone Generator is the most modern, technically advanced Ozone Generator system on the market today.
  • Here at SERVPRO of Tracy, we handle Ozone Generators which are one of the most common ways to quickly remove airborne contaminates and odors from homes, offices, and even cars.
  • The same molecular process that makes ozone generators so effective is also what makes them dangerous.
  •  When inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. It can take up to 60 minutes after the generator cycle ends for the ozone to be neutralized, making it safe to breathe.

What is an Ozone?

  1. Ozone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen.
  2. Two atoms of oxygen form the basic oxygen molecule.
  3. Ozone generators create O3, (ozone) which disburses into the space to be treated. Nature creates O3 as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms, and from sunlight striking the earth’s atmosphere.
  4. Have you ever taken a walk after a thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air? That's O3, or ozone cleaning the air.
  5. After removing the source of the odor, use the ozone machine to oxidize remaining organic odors. Ozone can be especially helpful in fire or smoke damage restoration.

We here at SERVPRO of Tracy use our ozone machines in these type of jobs, large and small. After drying the area fully and removing any organic matter, set the unit as a high as possible. Ozone is heavier than air and will fall. Set up an air mover to help circulate the ozone. Once completed, you must ventilate thoroughly for it to be safe. Call us on 209-834-0200 for more information.

Our van is fully equipped for your needs.

10/5/2017 (Permalink)

Inside of one of the SERVPRO OF TRACY van with equipment. Give us a call on 209-834-0200

Here at SERVPRO OF TRACY, our vans are equipped for any kinds of water or fire damage in an emergency.

Our crews are professionals and highly trained for any kinds of disaster 24 hours a day - seven days a week.

Most importantly, a restoration effort reduces the after-effects a blaze can have on the health of those who return in. If a homeowner does not have the property restored by a professional, the results can be found later on down the line. To an untrained eye they might believe the issue has been fixed, they experience the remaining impacts of indoor air pollution for numerous months later on in the form of increased respiratory discomfort.  

SERVPRO OF TRACY are leading experts in fire restoration. They are trained to help remove your belongings as well as cleaning and storing them until your property has been restored to its original condition.